The footwear companies (>40 SMEs) of the Northwest of the Region of Murcia (Spain) are highly specialised in the manufacture of jute footwear. It is a worldwide reference due to its excellent characteristics (comfortability, high quality, environmentally friendly & fashionable) and has a growing worldwide demand that has driven the internationalisation of these companies (exports 2016> €100M & growth of 74% in the last 5 years). However, this sector has an important problem:  the lack in a qualified labour force, the companies cannot achieve the production levels with their own personnel to respond to the international increasing demand and some manufacturing tasks are subcontracted to other production regions. Besides, an important generational replacement will be necessary (>1,000 workers) in the next 10 years due to the average age of their workers: 53. Other problem in the Region of Murcia is the high level of youth unemployment (>40% for 16-30 age).

The main objective of AppShoe project is the implementation of an apprenticeship “Footwear and Accessories Technician” adapted to the jute and focused on two target groups16-30 youngsters (learners) and regional jute footwear SMEs (business). AppShoe will have an important impact on them: contributing to cover the footwear industry needs (1,080 qualified workers by 2017-2021), attracting 100% of the learners to them, and contributing to the necessary generational replacement.  Project is linked to an inter-regional strategy between the Italian model of Politecnico Calzaturiero and the Region of Northwest of Murcia. The idea is to use the practices of P.Calzaturiero, where a vocational grade in Design and Manufacturing of Footwear is well established, adapting them to the needs of the R.Murcia.




Adapt the italian model of Politecnico Calzaturiero to the new appreticeship strategy in the Region of Murcia


Develop an active colaboration among al patners for adapting to sector needs:modules and training

Effective Cooperation

Effective cooperation between VET teachers and in-company trainers


Contribute to cover the footwear industry needs of labour staff


Learning to improve

Companies point of view

Students and teachers point of view